World Ch. Conan of Kumasasa × Int.Ch. Foxgarden's Kiss Me Kate

28.Jun.2008 OutingSince the relocation to the living room Kissy has displaced the kittens behind the edge sofa - possibly Kissy doesn't like the motor activity of the kitties.
When we take out the kittens from behind the sofa for weighing, she allows them about one hour of freedom - which is used extensively by the kittens. Eventually Kissy imprisons them again behind the sofa.
26.Jun.2008 Kissy moved with her kittens from the sleeping room upper floor to the living room ground floor. Compared to her last litters quite early.
20.Jun.2008 Moving into the drawerThe anticipated moving (As a rule the mothers move her kittens after all have opened their eyes) took place today. This time Kissy didn't choose one of the various prepared card boxes, but she elected the bottom drawer of the linen cupboard, which stands directly besides the birthing box. This became apparent in the last few days since Kissy reopened always the drawer again and again. We don't like the moving into the drawer, but this is in Kissy's authority.
The drawer may be somewhat uncomfortable for Kissy, but has arguably the advantage to her that the kittens cannot crawl over the quite high edge - maybe we've cut the edge too low into the alternative birthing boxes ?
19.Jun.2008 Eventually Savina ins sees the light of the day - today she has opened her eyes too.
18.Jun.2008 Also Habanero opens his eyes. He breaks the rule, that the girls open their eyes before the boys, because Savina's eyes are still closed.
16.Jun.2008 Cayenne is the first, which is opening her eyes.
15.Jun.2008 All are doing well. Kissy takes care about her babies exemplary, she is nearly permanent with them in the birthing box. The kittens weight gain is good - after a week they have more than doubled their weight.
08.Jun.2008 Kissy with her three kittensAfter a scheduled gestation time of 66 days Kissy gave birth without any difficulty to her third litter. In a very short time a sorrel colour female, a ruddy female and a ruddy male kitten were born. Kissy and her babies are well. Finally we've got kittens !
19.May.2008 Kissy gains good weight, but the waiting time until the expected date of birth is as always too long. Fortunately Roma, which is since 12. April with us, appreciably reduces the time until littering.
03.Apr.2008 Today the covering happened. It took again four months after discontinuing the pill…
29.Mar.2008 Barely after Angeline des Fauve & Or (she was here for being covered by Conan) left us, Kissy gets in heat - maybe Kissy is jealous.
05.Dec.2007 Kissy doesn't get the birth control pill anymore - we hope that it won't take again four months for her to get in heat like the last time.