Ch. Mojana's Blue Curaçao × Int.Ch. Foxgarden's Kiss Me Kate

25.Jun.2006 The little boys are eating first kitten food.
23.Jun.2006 MovingToday Kissy moved with her kittens from the cat's room at first floor into the living room at ground floor - it might be too boring for her in the cat's room.
13.Jun.2006 Big pawsSince a few days all four kittens have opened their eyes, running around works yet fine.
07.Jun.2006 EntdeckungsreiseMeanwhile two of the cats have opened their eyes completely, the other two not yet entirely, but the littles are doing first small expeditions
06.06.06 Nuckel-IdyllKissy thought today at 06:00 o'clock it's a good idea to move with the four boys from the sleeping room to the cat room…
05.Jun.2006 Tanami opens his eyesTanami opens in the age of 8 days already his eyes. In the age of one week all four cats have doubled their weight.
28.May.2006 Kissy with all her kittensExactly to the expected date Kissy gave birth to her litter after 65 days gestation time. There are three ruddy males, one sorrel male, sadly one ruddy female was born still.
The mother and the four little males are doing well.
Kissy is the first cat, who took the self-made Super-Luxury-Birthing-Box to bear their kittens - all the other cats have preferred always cardboard boxes
27.May.2006 Kissy is pregnantWe are waiting curiously for Kissy's litter - it should begin in the next few days. Kissy is round like a ball, she has gained 1200g weight up today, that doesn't keep her off to romp around with the other cats every once a while - of course she does most of the time eating and lying around.
07.May.2006 Kissy has gained 570g weight up to the 44. day of her pregnancy. Apart from a meanwhile limited manoeuvrability due to her increased body volume, she is alive and kicking.
24.Apr.2006 Meantime it turned out that Kissy is pregnant.
Since we've planned her covering not so soon, the necessary tests (PL, PRA, and FeLV/FIV) aren't done yet. PL and FeLV/FIV tests are done short term, the PRA test will be done after the birth of the kittens.
24.Mar.2006 Today happened, what actually should have happened in two months: Blue has covered Kissy.
Blue is wearing his trousers with dignity If it's imminent that a cat will be in heat (recognisable on the behaviour of the male cats), at night the door between ground floor and second floor will be closed exceptionally - the female cats stay above with us, the male cats stay downstairs.
When opening the door in the morning, at first the male cats got stuffed in their trousers, bus this time Blue was too fast …
05.Jan.2006 Kissy is in heat with only 7 months…