Breed: Somali
Colour: ruddy
Eye colour: green
Date of birth: 08.Apr.2004
Neutered: yes (10. Feb. 2009)
Weight: 7.0 kg (01. Nov. 2011)
Registration №: (BEC) 2108674
Breeder: Ina Fröhlich
Chip №: 276098100506948
EU Pet passport №: DE 06 0260192
Blood type: A (04.Jun.2004)
PK-def. DNA test: N/PK (18.Jun.2004)
PRA DNA Test: N/PRA (03.Sep.2007)
PRA examination: neg. (24.May.2007)
PL: neg. (13.Jun.2008)
FeLV, FIV: neg. (08.Nov.2008)
Cryptorchidism: neg. (28.Apr.2008)
Umbilical hernia: neg. (28.Apr.2008)
World Ch. Conan of Kumasasa

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Conan's picture gallery
Conan's picture gallery

Conan was born on 08.Apr.2004 in our cattery and is meanwhile a handsome young male of gentle mind. He is the perfect gentleman, does not push himself to the front and he is very cuddly.
His coat is coloured unusually dark and warm with a very dense texture.
He helps nicely raising he Kittens - his play with the small ones looks to be somewhat roughly, apparently we humans are somewhat gingerly …

Until today we have the luck that he does not spray.

Conan was neutered on 10. February 2009.

Sire   Dam
WC + TICA GRC Ramon vom Kahleberg Conans Stammbaum
Conan's pedigree

Conan's colour genome:
AA  Bbl  DD  ii  ll  Xoy  TaTa 
Int.Ch. Marilyn M. von Torremolinos
WC + TICA GRC Ramon vom Kahleberg
Somali, ruddy

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Int.Ch. Marilyn M. von Torremolinos
Somali, ruddy