World Ch. Conan of Kumasasa × Int.Ch. Foxgarden's Kiss Me Kate

22.Aug.2007 Moved back into birthing boxToday Kissy and her three kittens moved back to the birthing box - the kittens can enter and leave the box without being carried. The three little cats try to make first steps on all four legs.
15.Aug.2007 With ten days all three kitten begin to open their eyes.
13.Aug.2007 Moved into zooplus cardboxToday evening Kissy moved with the three kittens from the birthing box to a zooplus cardbox (chosen by herself) - this box is only 1m away from the birthing box, but Kissy thinks it's okay…
12.Aug.2007 In their first week the kittens doubled their weight of birth.
05.Aug.2007 Kissy with the two first-born kittensAfter a gestation time of 66 days Kissy gave birth without any difficulty to her second litter. The birthing of the 3 kittens took less than 1 ½ hour. Mother and her kittens are well.
04.Aug.2007 Kissy is advanced in pregnancy It won't take much time till birth …
01.Aug.2007 Kissy's behaviour changed a bit: When cuddling she lays on her back, so that her tummy will get crawled.
July 2007 Kissy's gain of weight is good and corresponds her last pregnancy.
25.Jun.2007 Now things are certain: Kissy is pregnant, she gained 140g weight since the covering and her dugs are enlarged and coloured pink.
31.May.2007 Kissy is in heat !!! Conan does his job with great engagement.
April 2007 Kissy will not get in heat. Possibly our neutered Blue pleasures her ?
March 2007 Kissy doesn't show a single trace of being in heat…
28.Jan.2007 After the cat show in Utrecht Kissy visited the veterinarian for various examinations and tests to make a clean sweep for the next generation. Thus the birth control pill was discontinued.