Breed: Somali
Colour: ruddy
Eye colour : bright green
Date of birth: 01.Aug.2002
Neutered: yes
Weight: 4.4 kg (24. Dec. 2009)
Registration №: (DRV) 044800-LH
Breeder: Elke Tüpke
Chip №: 276098101471736
EU Pet passport №: DE 05 9053325
Blood type: A (28.Jan.2003)
PL: neg. (29.Nov.2003)
PRA examination: neg. (21.Nov.2003)
FeLV, FIV: neg. (21.Nov.2003)
PK-def. DNA test: N/PK (13.Mar.2003)
Gr.Int.Pr./Int.Ch. Nangis of Nenastje

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Nangis of Nenastje is our first Somali cat. He joined us on 07.Dec.2002. In the first time, he had some troubles with the existing cat community. Eventually after three weeks he was cuddling with Mary, but he needed more time for Würmchen. To satisfy his play- and activity instincts we thought about the acquisition of a more condign playfellow - of course a Somali cat (the house cats were not really interested in playing with him). Thoughts on breeding Somalis came up which intensified as we finally found Marilyn M. von Torremolinos. Nangis welcomed her with open arms and the two were inseparable.
Nangis is the clown in our cattery, he manages to open cabinets (even sliding doors) without difficulties on the search for titbits in order to snaffle something. When we have a visit, he is responsible for the inside inspection of the brought along coats, bags and rucksacks …

Nangis is - like Marilyn - PK-def. carrier, so we couldn't mate them.
After he did a mating with World Ch. Audrey of Candymoor, he was neutered on 02.Feb.2004.

Sire   Dam
Ch. Latino of Nenastje (Photo: Elke Tüpke) Nangis' pedigree
Nangis' pedigree

Nangis' colour genome:
AA  Bbl  D_  ii  ll  Xoy  TaTa 
Gr.Int.Ch. Evchen vom blauen Juwel (Photo: Elke Tüpke)
Ch. Latino of Nenastje
Somali, sorrel

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Gr.Int.Ch. Evchen vom blauen Juwel
Somali, ruddy