Breed: European short hair
Colour: black tabby mackerel / white
Eye colour: green
Date of birth: 18. Apr. 1995
Date of death: 17 Dec. 2008
Spayed: yes
Weight: 3.1 kg (07. Sep. 2008)
House cat Mary


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Mary was born via caesarean section and nurtured by bottle in an animal shelter, thus she is a little smaller than normal. She was named after the veterinary. After a heavy illness we got her in the age of only 5 weeks from the local animal shelter. Due to the early separation from her mother and the hand-feeding she never stopped suckling, at first she suckled on her tail tip, later on her paws. She is very human oriented, she is a quasi permanent lap-top-cat - if there is no human available, she lies upon another cat. Mary complains loudly, if she loses eye contact to her humans, at night she warms us our tummies. Due to the missing socialisation she is a bit insidious when playing with the other cats, but nevertheless she is a very lovingly cat.

Mary belonged nearly 14 years to our family, she was sickly and weakly from childhood, but since we started in 2003 the raw feeding of the cats, she thrived. Unfortunately it didn't reach for a longer span of life for her, but we think Mary has had a satisfied and exciting life. We are missing her.