Breed: European short hair
Colour: black-white
Eye colour: green
Date of birth: 12.May.1999
Date of death: 16. Jun. 2014
Spayed: yes
Weight: 3.4 kg (27. Feb. 2011)
Chip №: 276098102191379
EU Pet passport №: DE-02-0282369
House cat Würmchen


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Würmchen joined us somewhat unplanned, since she should have only a day stopover at our house: A friend wanted to take her, but she has to park Würmchen at our home, because her elderly house cat didn't do anything other than beating the small Würmchen. This temporarily stopover turned of course in a permanent, since we could not resist her charm.
She is a exceedingly intelligent, agile and lovingly cat. With younger years she retrieved untiringly all sort of things from toy mice to cardigans, but nowadays she has given up retrieving. She opens easily drawers and cabinets (to sleep inside) and she has fun from balancing upon open doors.
Würmchen is the sole cat which is allowed to leave the house, because she was used to it before we moved in 2002 into our house with garden. She rewards us with all kinds of souvenirs: Mice, birds, grasshoppers, blindworms (or just their tails) … the Somalis of course prefer the extremely realistic toys to the imitations.
She is rather a loner, she doesn't like the companionship with the other cats and when it's warm outside, she prefers hunting for hours outside of the house.
Würmchen is a member in the Club of black & white cats Club of black & white cats