Breed: Somali
Colour: ruddy
Eye colour : amber/green
Date of birth: 05.Jan.2003
Date of death: 3. Jul. 2015
Spayed: yes (06. Oct. 2005)
Weight: 3.9 kg (27. Feb. 2011)
Registration №: (BEC) 2108066
Breeder: Christa Rieger
Chip №: 276098100434958
EU Pet passport №: DE 06 0128161
Blood type: A (14.May.2003)
PL: neg. (20.Feb.2005)
PRA examination: neg. (29.Jan.2004)
PRA DNA test: N/PRA (30.Aug.2007)
FeLV, FIV: neg. (22.Sep.2004)
PK-def. DNA test: N/PK (30.Jul.2003)
Int.Ch. Marilyn M. von Torremolinos

Marilyn's show results

Marilyn's picture gallery
Marilyn's picture gallery

We met Marilyn in the Torremolinos-Cattery, Berlin on 29.Mar.2004. Instantly we were smitten with her charisma and type - she's conquered our hearts. The lovingly breeding and care from Christa Rieger was apparently. On the next day we were allowed to showcase her at her first cat show in Mahlow, Marilyn surprised us with a double Best-In-Show (best Kitten and best Litter). On 12.Apr.2003 we met her again at the cat show (with special exhibition Abyssinian and Somali) in Fallingbostel, from where we could take her to our home.
Our male Somali cat Nangis of Nenastje welcomed her open-hearty, thus the two house cats accepted her without problems.
Marilyn is a very cleanly cat, she does an extended a lick and a promise to her servants multiple times a day. She is not the show cat, at cat shows she's a bit touchy, she prefers playing at home with the other cats to sitting in a cage on the cat show.
Because Marilyn is PK-def. carrier, like Nangis, the two of course mustn't be mated.

In Feb. 2004 Marilyn was covered, in April 2004 the Kittens were born.

On 22. Dec.2004 the second litter was born.

Sire   Dam
World Ch. Scheriat-El-Kebir Ischtar Marilyn's Pedigree
Marilyn's Pedigree

Marilyn's colour genome:
AA  Bbl  D_  ii  ll  XoXo  TaTa 
Ch. Smilla von Torremolinos
World Ch. Scheriat-El-Kebir Ischtar
Somali, ruddy

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Ch. Smilla von Torremolinos
Somali, ruddy