World Ch. Conan of Kumasasa × Int.Ch. Foxgarden's Kiss Me Kate

19. Feb. 2009 Sometimes we have to give the mothers a helping hand: Today after weighing the kittens we didn't put them back into the drawer, instead we put them on the blanket in front of the drawer. The kittens of courses explored the surrounding of the blanket - suspiciously watched over by Kissy. After playtime the kittens crawled by themselves into the birthing box besides the drawer, this was tolerated by Kissy.
17. Feb. 2009 In the living roomToday Kissy moved with her kittens from the drawer into the living room. The kittens took much pleasure in running around - until now they were trapped in the drawer. But apparently Kissy thought that this was too much freedom for the kittens, so that they were the next morning in the drawer again.
11. Feb. 2009 This night Kissy moved with her kittens from the cardboard box into the drawer of the linen cupboard - she had done this also with her last litter.
05. Feb. 2009 Belladonna has opened her eyesNow the kittens opened their eyes. Kissy moved with them from the birthing box into a cardboard box.
02. Feb. 2009 With the age of one week all three kittens doubled their weight - Kissy cares very well about them.
26. Jan. 2009 Kissy and the new-born kittensThe kittens are finally born today.
18. Jan. 2009 Yet no kittens…
15. Jan. 2009 Still nothing happened…
13. Jan. 2009 We are a bit unsure about the calculation of the littering date:
The heard mating scream was apparently not the time of mating, this happened at the end of he heat - what we did not recognize. Sorry!
We are expecting the littering in the next days.
08. Jan. 2009 Today or tomorrow the littering should actually happen …