Breed: Somali
Colour: ruddy
Eye colour : amber
Date of birth: 01.Feb.2004
Spayed: yes
Weight: 3.3 kg (04. Jun. 2008)
Registration №: (BEC) 2108582
Breeder: Bettina Bauer
Chip №: 276098101371194
EU Pet passport №: DE 06 0026892
Blood type: A (30.Apr.2004)
PL: neg. (03.Mar.2006)
PRA examination: neg. (29.Jan.2005)
FeLV, FIV: neg. (07.Mar.2006)
PK-def. DNA test: N/N (14.Apr.2004)
Crazy of Candymoor

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Crazy's picture gallery
Crazy's picture gallery

Crazy is one of two daughters of our male Nangis of Nenastje, born in the Cattery of Candymoor. From Nangis she inherited her loud Quaak-voice - compared to Marilyn and her offsprings, which sound like doves or make a tenderly Meow, are Nangis and Crazy sounding somewhat frog-like …
She is slim and airy but a true power-cat. She loves is to run untiringly around with the other cats through the house - if one cat is tired, she plays with the next one.
She has - not very cat-like - a weakness for water - when it's raining, she still stays on the balcony instead of coming in, in the snow she likes to play, when watering the flowers or at the dripping faucet, she tries to catch the water jet.
Crazy is speedy like a weasel, if one opens a closet or cellar door, she is lightning fast there, where she should not be … Therefore we call her sometimes lovingly ferret.
For the male cats of our house she is a real challenge, when it is time to catch her …

On 31.Jan.2005 Crazy mated with our male Conan. The kitten was born on 07.Apr.2005. More information here: Litters.

On 22. April 2006 we had to spay Crazy, she had for the second time a purulent Endometritis.

On 05. May 2008 we had to give away Crazy with a heavy heart.
Unfortunately in a group of cats there may arise problems among the cats, so that it is better for all, to find a new home for the squabbler cat. After two years of searching without avail her breeder took her back.

Sire   Dam
Gr.Int.Pr./Int.Ch. Nangis of Nenastje Crazy's pedigree
Crazy's Pedigree

Crazy's colour genome:
AA  B_  D_  ii  ll  XoXo  TaTa 
World Ch. Audrey of Candymoor
Gr.Int.Pr./Int.Ch. Nangis of Nenastje
Somali, ruddy

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World Ch. Audrey of Candymoor
Somali, ruddy