Date Changes
16.Dec.2009 Five new photos of the kittens
15.Dec.2009 Sixteen new photos of the kittens, added show results Wuppertal of Habanero and Conan
23.Nov.2009 Eleven new photos of the kittens
19.Nov.2009 Five new photos of the kittens
11.Nov.2009 Five new photos of the kittens
06.Nov.2009 First photo and names of the kittens on the litters page
28.Oct.2009 We have Kittens !
08.Oct.2009 another 21 new photos of Elli
07.Oct.2009 9 new photos of Elli
04.Oct.2009 Announcement next litter, picture gallery Litter IX on new page
04.Oct.2009 12 new photos of Habanero, 3 new photos of Conan, 9 new photos Litter IX, Update cat shows (Wuppertal)
28.Sep.2009 Show results Cologne (Tanzbrunnen) of Habanero and Conan, Habanero is now Champion, added various show results of Kumasasa, 2 new photos of Marilyn
22.Sep.2009 Update Cat Shows (Leverkusen ?),
Show results Cologne (Brunosaal) of Conan and Habanero
06.Sep.2009 Update Cat Shows (2 x Cologne),
Added show results Waldbröl of Electra, Habanero und Datura
Added various Test results of Electra and of Habanero
30. Jul. 2009 Update Cat Shows (Waldbröl), Update Kittens (Datura placed)
05.Jun.2009 Datura is still searching for a new family
27.Mar.2009 12 new pictures of litter IX, Added show results Leverkusen of Electra, Roma and Habanero. Roma is now Champion
11. Feb. 2009 Six new pictures of litter IX, Update Litter Diary, Update Conan, Update Show Dates
06.Feb.2009 The Kittens of Litter IX have been named, the first six pictures of the kittens
26.Jan.2009 The kittens are born, Update Litters, Diary, Pedigree litter IX etc., one new photo of Kissy
18.Jan.2009 (No) news kittens, Cat show results Cologne of Roma und Habanero
15.Jan.2009 Little update Kittens, moved photos kittens litter VIII to new gallery, added litter certificate litter VIII
14.Jan.2009 New cat (N) Villkattens Electra
13.Jan.2009 Update Kittens
06.Jan.2009 Announcement litter IX, Update Show dates, Changelog 2008 and Changelog German 2008 archived

Older records are in the archived changelog of the year 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008