Int.Ch. Crazy of Candymoor × World Ch. Conan of Kumasasa

07.Dec.2005 This diary closes woefully, today at 06:00 'o clock Boreas died. He was born with only 77g - which is actually not that problem - but he lost weight (6g per day) despite of feeding by bottle and died eventually with 56g.
02.Dec.2005 Today two ruddy male kittens were born. Sadly, the older male died today at 16:00 'o clock.
16.Okt.2005 Crazy's weight is very well increasing, we expect her littering on 02. December
28.Sep.2005 Crazy is again in heat, the mating happened immediately…
14.Sep.2005 Crazy has not become pregnant, so we have to wait for her next heat …
19.Aug.2005 Things go faster than expected: Crazy is in heat and Conan unhesitatingly does his job … In 3 weeks we do know more.
18.Aug.2005 Since a week Crazy doesn't get the pill any more , so that in her next heat it can happen …
For a fairly long time Crazy has two shadows: Conan runs after her, next behind him Blue (he has to learn …).