Ch. Habanero of Kumasasa × (N) Villkatten's Electra

19. Jun. 2011 In the meantime has happened little up to nothing. Elli and her kittens are doing well, the kitties are weighing now around 450 g.
The kittens crawl and run a little bit, but still below / behind the sofa. From time to time they are coming out up to half a meter from below the sofa , but don't find that exciting and vanish quickly again…
04. Jun. 2011 Elli moved today with her kittens from the bedroom into the living room. She thought the place in the corner behind the couch to be comfortable. That location fairly complicates the daily weighing of the kittens, since they have to be angeled with a long arm from behind the sofa.
01. Jun. 2011 The ruddy Abyssinian var. cat IRIX opens the eyesThe little IRIX has opened her eyes in the age of 7 days - the other kitties not yet.
31. May 2011 In the age of six days the kittens weigh now more than 200 g.
30. May 2011 Ruddy Abyssinian var. IRIX Many thanks to Anne Marit Helmersen (Villkattens), Elke Ondrusch (Kalahari-Sun) and Anja Jacob (Mojanas), which helped us with the definition of the colours and breeds of the kittens:
The overhasty definition of colours of 26. May was wrong, because IRIX - so far deemed to be sorrel - turned out to be a ruddy Abyssinian var. when looking at her at better illumination.
Unambiguous evidence are the black paw pads, the black tip of the tail and the somewhat scrubby fur - the Somali sisters have a more sleek and glossy fur, well to see here.
27. May 2011 Sadly, the little male cat Xinu died today.
26. May 2011 The definition of the colour of the kittens seemed to be quite easy:
The moles are ruddy, the brownish female kitten is sorrel.
25. May 2011 Elli with all four Kittens Since the early afternoon Elli tries to adopt the meanwhile 1,8 kg weighing Samburu. Up to now she only hissed and growled at the kittens of Litter XIII, but now she is overwhelmed by her instincts… This is a unmistakable sign of the close birthing.

On 19:40 came the first contractions. On 22:00 the first kitten was born and within 30 minutes all four kittens were born.
23. May 2011 Today is the calculated birthing date when calculating 65 days gestation time from the first mating on 19. March. Elli is indeed really affectionate, but shows no signs of a upcoming littering.
19.-24. Mar. 2011 Elli is in heat and was covered from our Stud Habanero of Kumasasa. The outside enclosure is closed since discontinuing of the pill, to avoid results like Litter XI of Ellis amorous adventure with Fritz the Cat.
Early March 2011 Our Abyssinian var. cat (N) Villkatten's Electra doesn't get the pill anymore. It is planned that she will litter, when the kittens of Litter XIII have left our home.