Ch. Habanero of Kumasasa & Fritz the Cat × Ch. Roma von Thalkleinich

Fritz the Cat × (N) Villkatten's Electra

This diary describes the Litter XI as well the Litter XII, since both litters are just 10 days apart and the preliminary events and the aftermath have the same reason…

19. Oct. 2010 Ruby and Ziva moved together to Cologne, Germany.
16. Oct. 2010 Abby and Leon moved together to Sursee near Luzern, Switzerland.
03. Oct. 2010 Beryl moved to Cologne, Germany.
02. Oct. 2010 Jasper is living now in Büttelborn near Frankfurt, Germany.
16. Sep. 2010 Leroy move to Remscheid, Germany.
14. Aug. 2010 Today the kittens of Litter XI were accompanied by mana Elli for vaccinating and chipping a the veterinary. Our veterinary did as usual a very good job, the little kittens didn't even notice that they have got injections.
07. Aug. 2010 Elli with Litter XIIThe mothers Roma and Elli not only share the attendance over the kittens, they nurse the kittens motley. The kittens don't care about the source of the milk, if one mother is empty, they go to the other …
06. Aug. 2010 On the balconyToday is good weather, the kittens are the first time on the balcony. The two mothers Elli and Roma have an keen eye on their children. If the kittens go too far outside, the mothers will carry them back to the living room.
02. Aug. 2010 Leroy on scratching tree The kittens are climbing on the scratching trees. Especially Abby is climbing without problems on the highest places and climbs down elegant without problems - in opposite to the little boys Leon and Leroy: They manage to climb on top but not down and start squeaking helplessly, what triggers the mothers or us to help them down again.
01. Aug. 2010 Litter XII and ZivaNow both litters are united. All kittens play, eat and sleep together, as if they were belonging together since ever. The difference in age of ten days between both litters is barely notable. At playing time the living room is teeming with seven dwarfs.
29. Jul. 2010 Roma with her kittens Roma probably was not happy with the scratching tree cave in the living room and displaced her kittens again a few times in the basement below the stairs. Of course we moved the kittens back to the living room.
But now Roma finally accepted the living room for her kittens.
27. Jul 2010 Ivy playing with leon The meanwhile eight months old Ivy enjoys playing with the kittens. Her playing with them appears to be somewhat rough, since the kittens are squeaking and running away from time to time. But the kittens always come back to Ivy to continue playing…
19. Jul. 2010 CuriousIn the age of three weeks Roma's kittens are more and more mobile and curious, but cannot leave the scratching tree cave, because it is way too high for the kittens.
19. Jul. 2010 cat toiletIn the age of four weeks Ellis kittens are using the cat toilet the first time and are eating solid food.
15. Jul. 2010 Im KratzbaumAfter Roma moved her kittens several times into the basement and we moved them back into the living room, Roma preferred a scratching tree cave over the cardboard and wooden birthing boxes.
Well, better than basement…
15. Jul. 2010 Elli säugtToday Elli found it too boring in the bedroom and moved with her kittens back from the bedroom into the living room and stood there - eventually that was her decision. The kittens like that and are running around at a radius of 1 m around the sofa.
14. Jul. 2010 Since half of the day Elli has been in the living room near us instead of paying attention to her kittens, we found that is is time to move the kittens from the bedroom to the living room. Elli found that some time acceptable, but in the evening she moved back to the bedroom.
13. Jul. 2010 Below flower pedestalEarly in the morning we were frightened, when suddenly Roma together with her cat babies weren't on their usual place below the sleeping couch in the cat's room. After some search, we found them in a quite inconvenient place: Maybe Roma found it too warm in the cat's room in the attic floor (it is here since some days 40 °C outside temperature) and moved last night with her children in the cold cellar below the basement stairs. Surely we didn't accept that and moved the kittens into the living room, a place below a flower pedestal was accepted by Roma - temporarily.
09. Jul. 2010 In the age of 11 days all of Roma's kittens opened the eyes.
09. Jul. 2010 Elli moved with her kittens into the luxury birthing box in the bedroom, now the kittens are doing their first steps outside of the birthing box.
02. Jul. 2010 Back in cardboard boxLuckily Elli found the scratching tree cave not that optimal and after half of a day she moved with her litter into a prepared cardboard box on the bedroom floor.
02. Jul. 2010 Still unsure about the paternity of the kittens of both litters, we've asked long experienced Somali breeders for advice: Unanimous opinion is that all of Elli's kittens and Roma's second born son are cross breeds
Hence our suspicion to have cuckoos in the nest is confirmed, thank Fritz the Cat and certainly thank our negligence to design the outside enclosure not only against jailbreaking of our cats but instead against trespassing of stray cats. Of course we have to rethink the former, after all Fritz got out of the enclosure again…
01. Jul. 2010 Moving into scratching treeIn the age of 12 days Elli moved her kittens out of the cardboard birthing box on our bed into a scratching tree cave in the bedroom. That concerns us a bit, because the kittens have started to crawl around and the scratching tree cave is in a height of half a meter above the floor…
29. Jun. 2010 06:00 Roma and her kittensEventually Roma gave birth to two more kittens: One - well, more or less - ruddy boy and a sorrel coloured Somali girl.
The little boy is looking just as unusual as the four kittens of Elli's litter.
Should there have happened a double covering of Habanero and the stray cat ? The long time between the births may also be an indication…
29. Jun. 2010 00:00 Roma still does not litter, behaves otherwise normal and is feeding her kitten.
28. Jun. 2010 18:00 Roma still makes no signs to birth more kittens, merely Habanero is interested in her and tries to cover her…
28. Jun. 2010 05:00 sorrel Somali boyAfter 66 days of gestation time Roma has born a sorrel coloured male Somali. But Roma cannot be ready, she is still too round and too heavy …
27. Jun. 2010 After other Somali breeders have looked at the kittens, our suspicion was intensified, that the stray cat in fact may be the father of the litter.
26. Jun. 2010 In the age of one week all the kittens begin to open the eyes. Their weight has already doubled.
19. Jun. 2010 The unfamiliar appearance of the kittens brought the incident of April back to mind. Combined with the spontaneous gender change of the stray puss we are having an enormous suspicion:
Possibly the father of our kittens could be the male stray cat and not our Habanero ?
18./19. Jun. 2010 Elli and Ziva In the night 18. to 19. June Elli gave birth to four ruddy kittens. The birthing took just one hour and was without any problems.
The weights of the kittens are with 115 /125 g for the female kittens and 130 g for the male kittens quite ample. Up to now we were used to weights of 90 - 100 g for females and 100 - 115 g for the males.
Ruddy ? Well, ruddy is looking quite different ?! The kittens are looking rather greyish, silvery and already having ticking ? Not pitch black like usual…
14. Jun. 2010 Elli the little donkeyElli has gained 1 kg on weight and is looking like a little donkey.

Roma has also gained about 1 kg weight.
Jun. 2010 When feeding the stray cats, we discovered that the stray puss when looked from behind is very apparently a stray tomcat.
May 2010 Elli is gaining in weight, thus the covering was successful.
22./23. Apr. 2010 Our Somali cat Roma is in heat and was covered by Habanero.
Some day in Apr. 2010 There is a mating scream audible from our outside enclosure, when looking down from the balcony into the enclosure, we barely see the tabby stray cat - which is straying around our house for some time - climbing out off the enclosure.
Conclusion: Habanero has covered a stray cat…
12./13. Apr. 2010

Our Abyssinian var. cat Elli is in heat and was covered from Habanero.

Early 2010 Elli doesn't get the pill anymore.