Location plan

This directions differ in part from the directions of navigation systems or route planers (especially in Kürten the Road Im Winkel is definitely to be avoided), but are generally the shorter or slightly longer but faster and/or more comfortable routes.

In winter time there are winter tyres necessary for the Bergisches Land, especially for the roads Bergstr. and Erlenweg!

From direction North-West (Oberhausen, Duisburg, Düsseldorf)

From exit Autobahnabfahrt 24 Leverkusen: 23 km, 32 min Google Maps

Alternative (+13 km): From exit Autobahnabfahrt 24 Leverkusen: 36 km, 35 min Google Maps


From direction East (Siegen, Erfurt, Dresden)

From exit Autobahnabfahrt 21 Untereschbach: 19 km, 24 min Google Maps

Nach oben

From direction North-East (Bremen, Münster, Dortmund, Wuppertal)

From exit Autobahnabfahrt 95b Remscheid: 24 km, 33 min Google Maps


From direction South (Frankfurt a. Main, Nuremberg)

From interchange Autobahnkreuz 28 Köln-Heumar: 32 km, 33 min Google Maps

From direction West (Cologne, Aachen)

From interchange Autobahnkreuz 15 Köln-Heumar : 31 km, 33 min Google Maps


By plane, rail and bus

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