Breed: Somali
Colour: blau
Eye colour : green/brown/amber
Date of birth: 20. March 2011
Weight: 3.6 kg (17. Jul. 2015)
Registration №: NRR LO 163534
Breeder: Anne Marit Helmersen
Co-Breeder: Helena Inkinen
Chip №: 752097800137443
EU Pet passport №: SE145528PP
Blood type: N/b (30. Sep. 2011)
PK-def. DNA test: N/N (30. Sep. 2011)
PRA DNA test: N/N (30. Sep. 2011)
PL examination: -
FeLV, FIV: -
(N) Villkattens Phoebe

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Phoebe's picture gallery
Phoebe's Picture gallery

Since 14. August 2011 we have a new cat from Sweden - sweet little Phoebe (spoken: [fi:bi])

Directly after opening of the transporting kennel Phoebe put her tail in the air. Briskly and self-confidently she began exploring her new surrounding. She showed no signs of fear and was immediately accepted by our other cats.

Phoebe is very cuddly, when a human's hand comes near her, she throws herself on her back, sticking her four legs kneading in the air expecting that human caresses her tummy. After her first playmates - the kittens of Litter XIV - have left our house, the quite young and playful Ivy is her new playmate.

We do cherish her expression and type, many thanks to Helena Inkinen and Anne Marit Helmersen for this wonderful cat !

Sire   Dam
IC S*Foxglove's Eros (Photo: Helena Inkinen) Phoebe's pedigree
Phoebe's Pedigree

Phoebe's colour genome:
AA  B_  dd  ii  ll  XoXo  TaTa 
Unique av Sina Bass (N) (Photo: Helena Inkinen)
Int.Ch. S*Foxglove's Eros
Somali, ruddy

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Unique av Sina Bass (N)
Somali, ruddy